That Same Old Song

As I sat outside on the front porch the evening with the dogs my neighbor across the street came over to chat. He had been working on his front windows all day and said that earlier he noticed a red SUV parked along side my truck for a few minutes. He said they apparently did not notice him on his porch, but they sat there for a while before taking off. He thought it was odd and since he knew about the multiple break-ins in the past he thought he would mention it. Sounds like they were casing my truck.
I assume this means means I should expect a visit from the stereo thieves again soon. Yay.

I really don’t have time for this crap again: I had a pretty bad week and just found out my camping plans for next weekend have been cancelled. Try finding an available campsite in Colorado less than a week before Memorial Day weekend. Well, you can but it will be a five-hour drive at the best. Also, other stuff happened. I’m glad last week is over.

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