My little shithead

Lucy loves to roll in poop at the park when I turn my back.

While I was walking the dogs this morning Lucy decided she was too clean. As I was watching Fabi attack a tree Lucy took that five seconds to wallow in some fresh scat. She doesn’t normally choose dog poop to roll in but I suppose anything that smells sufficiently bad (good?) will do.

It’s off to the doggie wash at lunch time!

After the bath they were much cleaner… I still was not able to determine what kind of poop she had found. It could have been hobo poop but there was not any corn in it.

Post-scat bath

Lucy update: 4 April 2012

Overly-ambitious by bad9brad
Overly-ambitious, a photo by bad9brad on Flickr.

Lucy had her annual exam today. Everything appears okay with her: her teeth are in good shape, her heart and lung sounds were good, and she’s lost a bit of weight since the amputation surgery. Lucy now weighs 70.3 pounds — she had gained a bit before the surgery as I kept her inactive. Lucy’s vet was very impressed with her progress and the surgery site is completely healed. Even the “armpit” area is filling in with hair… you can only find it if you’re looking for it.



After scheduling Lucy’s amputation surgery for tomorrow (Monday) morning, I’ve been doing some reading and research about three-legged dogs. Although several people made jokes about changing her name to “Hop-a-long” or “Tripod,” I’ve discovered that a lot of people with a three-legged dog use the term “tri-pawed” or “tripawd” when talking about their pet — it’s become shorthand in some circles. Please note, I am not changing Lucy’s name to any of these terms; if anything, I would call her “money pit.”

One of the items I’m looking to purchase is a full-torso harness with a handle on it. The handle will allow me to lift and assist Lucy over rough terrain and rocks as well as up and down stairs and into the truck. Many tri-pawed owners recommend the Ruff Wear Web Master Harness and I think I’ll purchase one of these for Lucy. She’ll still jump in and out of the truck and run up and down steep hills, even if she shouldn’t, but she will certainly need some assistance for the first few weeks after the surgery. There is also a D-ring in the harness itself, situated midway on the back that will allow her leash to attach instead of on her collar — I’ve read that three-legged dogs need to have a leash centrally-located to keep them from being pulled to one side and losing their balance.

I spent the day today playing with the dogs and taking them for a long walk in the nice weather (shh, don’t tell our vet we took a walk). We’re headed to the pet store in a while to grab more dog food and probably some special treats, too. Lucy deserves a good day before losing one of her legs.